Get More Out of Google!

Leisurely surfing the internet can be entertaining and educational, and but sometimes searching for something specific can be a bit frustrating. Surfing with Google helps make things easier by offering several options for your search.

There is a reason why many people call searching the internet “Googling”. Google provides links that narrow your search results, and allow you to switch back and forth between the various types of results. It’s very handy. With just one click after typing your criteria into the search box, you can instantly view pictures or videos returned by your search. Google also enriches your search results with Maps, News, Shopping and much more.

Try this, go to and type New York in the search box.

Next look at the top left of the computer screen and notice other options:




Web is the default search option for Google. That means that Google is looking up stories on the Web about New York. If you click on the search button Google returns articles about New York.

With New York still in the search box, click on Images. Immediately a stream of New York photos will fill the computer screen.

The search box is located at the top of the screen along with the Google options located above the search box. Practice clicking on all the other options and click the down arrow beside more for other Google search options.

Now next time you need a picture of a Bassett Hound all you have to do it type it in then click Images and viola! (Have you ever seen such ears? – Go ahead type it in and check out those Bassett Hound Ears!)