Netlfix a Way to Watch Movies and TV Shows Without Leaving Home

Do you like to rent movies?  Do you like to stream movies and/or TV shows?  If the answer is yes to both questions, maybe you should consider joining Netflix and save some money, time and gas!

Here is the meat:

For a small monthly fee you can create an account with Netflix and receive one movie on a DVD through the mail at a time.  You return the movie and Netfix sends you another movie of your choice in about 2 days.  You can easily watch 2 movies a week.

Or you can stream movies any time you want without the DVD being mailed to your home. You have access to stream and watch movies instantly on a computer or on your TV if you have your TV hooked up to a Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3.

Here’s the fluff:

I used to have to “get ready” to go to a store to rent a movie by getting out of my pajamas or sweat pants, fixing my hair and mercy, finding the right accessories!  Then gather the family and get in the car and drive to the location that rents movies.  Of course if you have the family it takes time to make up everyone’s mind what you are going to rent.

We constantly ended up settling on a movie we knew nothing about, because like most people we waited until after 5:00 p.m. on Friday to decide to rent a movie.  And since there were usually three of us, we ended up renting more movies than we had agreed upon. Rarely did we just leave with one movie.  I remember years ago I had to tell myself that there was a two movie maximum rental because I rented too many movies the previous visit.  Have you ever rented more movies than you watched?  I hate spending the extra money for another rental day and worst than that I hate to return a movie I never watched, but of course it has happened.

And it was one of those times when we had to return some movies, my son mentioned Netflix.  He told us that Netflix has a free 30 day trial period that we could give it a whirl and if we did not like it, then we were not going to be out any money.  Well, I took the movies back that I had rented and I don’t think that I have been back there since I joined Netflix!

That night I looked Netflix up on the internet and sure enough, there was a 30 day free trial period, along with very informative FAQs that explained how Netflix worked.  After I read the FAQs, I went ahead and created an account giving Netflix my name, address, phone number and yes, my credit card information.

Now, I know you are thinking if there is a free trial, why in the world do they need this information?  That is what I said, too.  Well, I recon it is because the minute your 30 day trial period is over, you will be charged for the next 30 days.  I suppose Netflix is so dog gone sure you are going to be satisfied, they want to save you the trouble of inputting that valuable information at a later date, besides, you are going to be busy selecting movies to put into your movie queue!

When you create an account you decide then which plan best suits your family.

Netflix knows what movies to send you because YOU pick out movies from their internet site by clicking on Browse DVDs tab at the top of the page, then just simply add movies to your DVD queue.  And you can change the order of how they are listed.  For instance if you have Mary Poppins listed at number one (this means that Netflix will send it to you when you return your current movie) and JAWS listed as number two, you can change the order of how the movies are listed.  Just change the number 2 to a number 1 and click the Update DVD Queue button.  And viola!  JAWS is now number one and Mary Poppins is now in the number two slot.

To me, instant movies are the best part of Netflix!  If you have a Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3 hooked up to your TV you can watch movies instantly with Netflix.  Or if you are like us, we actually have a computer hooked up to our TV, so we can watch instant movies through our Mac Mini on our TV.  You can also just watch instant movies on your PC or laptop.  Our daughter sometimes watches a movie on her laptop from Netflix.

Watching movies instantly is cheap entertainment! For instance, if the grandchildren drop in unexpectedly, I can instantly watch children’s movies or if my mother-in-law is over for supper, after the meal I can instantly watch a documentary.  My husband and I have watched many television series! I was very pleasantly surprised to find that we could instantly watch old TV shows like Red Skelton! Oh how I loved watching Red and hearing him say, God Bless at the end of his show, do you remember that?

So, to sum it up, with Netflix, you can save money and gas, stay home in your pajamas, and don’t worry about fixing your hair or trying to accessorize! Because you never have to leave the comfort of your home to watch a movie!