Force Eject a Stuck CD or DVD Trapped in a Computer

Did you put a CD in your computer and now the CD is stuck in your computer? Or were you watching a movie on your computer and the DVD is jammed in your computer? Well, there is a very easy way to force eject a stuck CD or DVD that is trapped in your computer:There is a tiny hole that if you were to put a paperclip in the hole next to your CD/DVD button, it would manually release the CD/DVD tray.

You can’t really see the tiny hole, so you may need to get a flashlight and maybe even a magnifying glass, because it is really small!

Once you locate the hole, just pull a paperclip apart and place one end of the paperclip in the hole GENTLY, and you will feel some resistance, then just GENTLY push.

The CD/DVD tray should pop right out!


How to Force Eject a Stuck CD or DVD