iTunes Free Download

Have you ever seen the iTunes application on a friend or family member’s Mac computer or iPad or even iPhone?  It’s a fascinating application that allows you to listen to your music, watch your videos and it keeps everything organized.  iTunes can even suggest music and movies that you might be interested in if you sign up for an Apple account and answer a few questions.  Get  iTunes free download on your Windows computer in just a few minutes.

Here are the steps to get iTunes free download to your Windows computer:

First, make sure you have administrator rights to your computer, because if you are not signed in as an administrator to your computer you will be asked the administrator’s password because software will be downloaded to your computer

    1. Go to the iTunes download site by clicking on the internet browser and in the address bar type
    2. Select the version of iTunes to download and uncheck any boxes if you don’t want to receive emails or updates from Apple
    3. You may receive a message stating “This type of file may harm your computer.  Are you sure you want to download iTunesSetup.exe? Click Save
    4. At the bottom of your screen the download may appear as iTunesSetup.exe click on it to run the setup
    5. Another message will appear asking Do you want to run this file? Click Run
    6. Read Welcome to the iTunes Installer and click the next button:


    1. The License Agreement window will appear, if you accept the terms to the license agreement, click next
    2. Installation Options appear and allows you to select desktop shortcuts, defaults, updates and destination folder, make your selections and click Install:


    1. This may take a few minutes, but after the install you should receive a Congratulations window:


    1. The next few windows ask you if you want to add your songs from your computer to iTunes, if you want iTunes to help keep the media folder organized and if you want artwork downloaded, make your selections clicking the next button until you reach the last screen which has the finish button:


  1. Once the installation is complete iTunes takes you to a tutorial page.  The tutorials are short and very beneficial so watch one or all.

So….what to do first?  Listen to your tunes, watch some of your videos or access the iTunes Store?

Note: If you decide that you want to purchase anything from iTunes, you must first create an account.  Just click the SignIn button on the top left of the iTunes Store page and click Create Account.

Now, where is that Easy button?  That was Sure Was Easy!